IPAD vs. Tablet PC

Ok, you may find this strange, but I think IPad is an expensive toy and a nice e-book reader.  Now that I have a Fujitsu Laptop/Tablet (which can fold into a Tablet and you can write on it with a stylus pen), I find my IPad is totally useless.

I still use my iPhone, so I don’t hate Apple.. I just think for those of us travel a lot for business and have to stay on top of the gizmo game, Fujitsu or any other similar Laptop can provide much more horsepower without introducing or carrying another device.   After all, the business reason I purchased the IPad, was to impress my clients with my mobile presentation capabilities.

Here are some immediate benefit of a Tablet:

1. You can turn any documents needing ink signature into active forms and it can be signed with the stylus (just like a pen)

2. When sitting with a small team, you can move your screen around to show the screen to others (no need to move over to your side.. etc.)

3. It’s got all the power of a great laptop, so none of that moving Powerpoint slides to IPad…

4. And my baby girl get to play with my IPad more often