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Helping the Community (trying anyways)…

Our family is trying to do our part to help those who need assistance.  Since 1989, we have been running an organization called HELP Foundation, USA.

Healthcare and Education can Lower Poverty (HELP), came about from a selfish reason to memorize one of our brother, who died at a very young age. He was a brilliant kid who always had a smile on his face and always tried to help everyone around him.  In his memory, we started a school for the poor kids in Bangladesh.   Soon after we realized, healthcare is hard to find for those are poor in the area.  We found out when a poor family has a sick mother or father, they didn’t send their kids to school as the kids needed to stay home to support with the work the parent were to do.  We started a monthly health clinic with the support of our sister-in-law, a US trained physician. Soon after my little brother graduated from medical school and took on the challenge to provide regular healthcare for the poor families.

We are supporting both our community here in the USA and in Bangladesh.  God has given us plentiful and we believe we must do our part in helping improving the livelihood of others.